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Html to Magento : Magento is leader in e-commerce community and enterprise platform  and WebKul is leader in HTML to Magento Conversion . Html to magento is simple but a very important concept .Non-skilled html to magento developer dont know the core basic of magento so sometimes html to magento template effects  goes wrong.


Why HTML to Magento is useful : HTML to magento is useful in many sense , you dont need to invest a lot of money on your store .Thanks to magento community and open source for such an awesome product

1 - NO need to invest a lot of money on Magento Development .

2 - Save your valuable time on development of the shopping cart from scratch .

3 - Magento is standard and well knows peace of software .

4 -  Magento full fill all of your advanced Shop.


But still it is not sufficient , you must choose a skilled and experienced html to magento developer .There are tons of important factor while hiring a html to magento developer ,below is the explanation

1 - Magento Template must be fluid structure so that your store looks awesome in every screen.

2 - During HTML to magento conversion there should not be any 404 errors and all external Java script files and css files must be included in page.xml / config.xml of magento .

3 - 404 errors are toxic.

4 -  HTML to Magento conversion must be SEO friendly .

5 - Template must be optimized so that loading should be good.

6 -  According to google survey - less the loading time of site higher the conversion rate .


There are thousands of other html to magento important factors which every shop owner must consider .WebKul is leader in HTML to Magento conversion . Use our html to magento template services

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